Importance of Appreciation.

All of us, being humans, crave attention and appreciation.

If someone does a good deed, showing a little appreciation goes a long way.

Some people work day and night, with little or no appreciation shown to them. This makes them depressed and they slowly lose interest in the work they do.

Showing a little appreciation did not hurt anyone. However, this can exist only in no jealousy zones.

Have you ever observed that those who’s work is truly appreciated, end up working more productively and it helps maintain a healthy work-life balance.

It is much wiser to say a few kinds words of appreciation to someone when they are living, rather than writing an essay for them when they’re no more.

Sometimes people do not show appreciation towards other’s due to the following traits :

1) Jealousy

2) Ignorance

3) Callousness

Ways we can appreciate others around us :

1) Make something for them.

2) Write a thank you note.

3) Compliment / Praise them

4) Show signs of affection

5) Do something thoughtful

6) Get a small gift

Whether you are having a great day or a horrible one, an attitude of gratitude can lift your spirits and change your mood, and sometimes the mood of those around you too.

Alan Cohen said, “Appreciation is the highest form of prayer, for it acknowledges the presence of good wherever you shine the light of your thankful thoughts”.

So, starting today, let’s make a conscious effort to appreciate those around us and also appreciate all the things we have in our lives.

Let us be more grateful in order to be more happy.

Thank you for reading! ❤

Photo credits to the awesome photographer Arun Nair.

Be at peace, be grateful, be happy.

• When you are at peace, you learn to be grateful, and when you are grateful, you end up being happy. So, meditation and happiness are connected.

• Meditation is something which can be practiced by anyone. It is not connected with any religious beliefs or dogma of any kind.

• When you start meditating it’s not going to be easy. Trust me. Unless you’re a really calm person.

• Today I meditated after a long time. I had to calm my raging mind. And it wasn’t easy.

• But then again, meditation does not work overnight. Like exercise, it has to be practiced overtime in order to reap it’s benefits.

• I felt so much calmer after the 10 mins of meditation. My head stopped aching and I stopped over thinking.

• In this fast-moving world, with all the digital distractions coupled with our ability to over think, we end up being depressed and unhappy.

• We tend to lose interest in our health because we have so many things to distract us from our well-being.

• My advice would be to start meditating for atleast 10 mins a day. It will really change your life and your health will improve manifold.

• Meditation is really simple.


• All you have to do is :

> Download the ‘Headspace App’ or ‘Calm App’. (You can also meditate without the apps, but the guided meditation provided in these apps make meditation really simple.)

> Sit in a quiet place.

> Close your eyes.

> Concentrate on your breathing.

> Observe the sounds around you.

> When your mind wanders off, focus your attention back to your breath.

> Do this for 10 mins a day and you will see how wonderful you feel.

Thank you for reading! ❤

You failed? So what?

Failure is a very negative word. It should never be used to address a person.

When a student fails a grade in school the teachers used to call him/her “a failure”. How can you be so cruel and call someone a failure? That is downright cruel!

As you grow older you realize that failure is something each of us have to deal with, be it in business, in an exam or in life in general.

Failure teaches us so much. It makes us realize how strong we are. It makes us cope with our sadness because we know that there is no other option than to stand up each time we’ve fallen.

Giving up is easy. But you have already put in so much of hard work to reach where you are now.

Strive harder. Work your a** off. Struggle. Hustle. And don’t worry there will be a light at the end of the tunnel.

As the saying goes,

“You will never see the light at the end of the tunnel if you don’t walk through the darkness.”

Thank you! ❤

Don’t criticize others.

Part 1 : Chapter 1 of the book “How to win friends and influence people” 

I started reading this amazing book yesterday.

The first chapter speaks about how people never own up to their mistakes, they always feel they are right.

Whether it is a criminal or a politician, they always have a reason to justify their actions.

So, this chapter’s lesson is to NEVER CRITICIZE ANYONE. Criticism is not very effective because it gives the other person a reason to justify what they have done wrong.

Keep reading my blog for gists about the other chapters of the book.

Do read the book if you get a chance, it will change your life. ❤

Don’t Give Up.

Sometimes we go through something so hard to accept, something so unfair, something that we do not have the willpower to fight.

I cried thrice because of something that happened today. It was tough to accept. But I guess that’s life.

God has plans for us which are greater than our own.

Giving up has crossed my mind so many times today. Afterall I’m human.

But I know I’m stronger than that. I know that I’m feeling this way only because I’m feeling very pessimistic due to the failure I’ve faced. But I also know that I’ve to pick myself up now that I’ve fallen.

People can help lift me up, but I have to remain upright on my own. That’s the same way motivation works. I can motivate you, advise you, but you will have to work after that. You will have to put in efforts.

All I can say right now is that I’ve been through failure, I know how easy it is to say that you don’t want to pursue something, but don’t let failure ruin your life.

Be strong, you are your main motivator. All we can do is submit ourselves to God and work really hard.

You are special, don’t let the word “failure” ever make you feel otherwise.