Be at peace, be grateful, be happy.

• When you are at peace, you learn to be grateful, and when you are grateful, you end up being happy. So, meditation and happiness are connected.

• Meditation is something which can be practiced by anyone. It is not connected with any religious beliefs or dogma of any kind.

• When you start meditating it’s not going to be easy. Trust me. Unless you’re a really calm person.

• Today I meditated after a long time. I had to calm my raging mind. And it wasn’t easy.

• But then again, meditation does not work overnight. Like exercise, it has to be practiced overtime in order to reap it’s benefits.

• I felt so much calmer after the 10 mins of meditation. My head stopped aching and I stopped over thinking.

• In this fast-moving world, with all the digital distractions coupled with our ability to over think, we end up being depressed and unhappy.

• We tend to lose interest in our health because we have so many things to distract us from our well-being.

• My advice would be to start meditating for atleast 10 mins a day. It will really change your life and your health will improve manifold.

• Meditation is really simple.


• All you have to do is :

> Download the ‘Headspace App’ or ‘Calm App’. (You can also meditate without the apps, but the guided meditation provided in these apps make meditation really simple.)

> Sit in a quiet place.

> Close your eyes.

> Concentrate on your breathing.

> Observe the sounds around you.

> When your mind wanders off, focus your attention back to your breath.

> Do this for 10 mins a day and you will see how wonderful you feel.

Thank you for reading! ❤

What is mindfulness?

• Mindfulness is the psychological process of bringing one’s attention to experiences occurring in the present moment.

• In other words, it is living in the present. Not worrying about the past or future.

• Mindfulness can be developed through meditation and other practices.


Some tips on how you can become more mindful :

1) Live in the present, do not dwell in the past or think about the future.

2) Learn to accept the fact that some things cannot be controlled by us and that there is only so much that we can do.

3) Stop analysing situations, that way you do not think of an imaginary outcome.

4) Be more grateful. That will make you more happy.


What are the benefits of being mindful?

1) Boosts energy levels.

2) Reduces stress and anxiety.

3) Better sleep.

4) Improves mood and happiness.

5) Improves concentration.

6) Improves digestion.

7) Helps with digestive problems.

8) Improves heart function.

9) Improves self-esteem.


Tips on how to start mindfulness meditation :

> Sit in a quiet place.

> Close your eyes.

> Concentrate on your breathing.

> Count from 1 on inhale, 2 on exhale, and so on till 10.

> Continue this practice for 5-10mins per day.

> Concentrating on your breath will make you stop thinking about other things.

> Meditating is something which can be improved with practice.

> Mindfulness Meditation helps you concentrate more on the present. It does not force you to stop thinking, but it eases the mind to naturally stop thinking and enjoy the present.


My personal experience :

When I was young I had gone for a meditation class where I was told “stop thinking”. But that is not very simple, because it is at that moment itself that all thoughts come flooding in our minds. That’s when I realized that meditation is not my cup of tea.

Recently I downloaded the ‘Headspace’ and ‘Calm’ apps. I never knew meditation could be so interesting. It took only 10 mins per day to change my mood completely. I definitely recommend everyone to try mindfulness meditation. It will change your life.

Thank you for reading! ❤