Do you have low self-esteem?

• Some of the symptoms of having low self-esteem are :



>Fear and Anxiety (of making a mistake, being rejected, looking foolish or inadequate)


>Mixed Emotions.

>Shutdown Emotionally.

>Self-Esteem Attacks


• Let’s look at the statistics :

> 7 out of 10 girls have self-esteem issues.

> 92% of teenage girls want to change something about their looks.

> 40% of teenage boys want to change something about their bodies.


• Some of the low self-esteem engagement activities include :

> Drinking

> Smoking

> Drug abuse

> Cutting

> Bullying

> Eating disorders


• Some ways to help improve your self-esteem are as below :

1) Meditate.

2) Stop comparing yourself to others.

3) Realize how wonderful you are and that you are amazing just the way you are.

4) Keep a compliment jar.

5) Start living in the present.

6) Realize that if someone else was in your place, you wouldn’t treat them the way you are treating yourself.

7) Surround yourself with positive, encouraging people.

8) Keep away from negative people and negative situations.

9) Get to know the real you.

10) Do things that make you happy, but make sure you don’t hurt anyone by doing so.

11) Share your problems with your close ones.

12) Go to a therapist who will give you medication to ease your depression and anxiety.



• You are a wonderful person.

I may not know you, but I know that you are unique and special just the way you are.

• Have faith in yourself.

• If you believe in God, then pray that you get the confidence to hold your head high and to show the world how wonderful you are.

Thank you for reading. ❤

Suicide? Why?!?!

This is a line from the song “Time of my life – NeYo ft. Pitbull”

Today the “Blue Whale suicide game” was on the news. Innocent children are playing such games and killing themselves.

We need to stop children from accessing such games.

We need to be there for people who are depressed and suicidal. Please seek help!

Ending your life is not an option.

You are special and no matter how insignificant you feel you are, speak to your parents, family and friends and you will realize how important you are to them.

Depression is very common nowadays and it is not something to be ashamed of.

I was depressed and I was suicidal once because of what I was going through, and God saved me. I then went to a neuropsychiatrist, who gave me medication and therapy to get out of that state.

There is no harm in seeking help. It makes you stronger, not weaker.

Please don’t fall prey to suicide games, cutting or anything of the sort.

Be brave, the bad days don’t last forever.

There is always someone who can help you, you just need to ask them.

Stop suicide. Save your precious life.

Thank you for reading! ❤

How I got over depression.

I’m writing this post as part of my mission to create awareness amongst people regarding depression.

(I am not a doctor or a therapist. I’m just someone who has been through depression and wants to save others from it’s clutches.)

God and my doctor saved me.

It’s been more than a year since I’ve been going for therapy.

I have changed completely. I have become a happier person.

 I went to a neuropsychiatrist who gave me medication to lessen my anxiety and depression.

People all around the world have this strange misconception that the medicines given for depression have an affect on your health in the long-run.

That is completely wrong. The medicines which I took were mild and were effective in calming me down and I was on a prescription for a short period of time (a little over a year) and I will soon get off medicines.

It is of utmost importance to seek medical help incase you or your loved ones are depressed.

Ignoring the issue or even saying that you can cope with it, will make things even tougher to handle.

Stop looking at depression and mental health issues as a deterrent to your success. 

You should realize that adequate help is available for the same, and seeking help with change your life and make you so much calmer.

Seeking help does not make you weak. It makes you stronger.

Just like we go to doctors for our physical illnesses, we should seek medical help for our mental illnesses.

Make sure you go to a good doctor, who is genuinely good and helpful.

Look at the change in me. From being someone who didn’t want to live, I’ve become someone who is motivating others and lending a helping hand to others with depression.

I’m a live example to show that therapy and medication for depression truly works.

Thank you for reading! ❤

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Be strong. But, seek help if you are depressed.

Isn’t this so true?

When I was depressed, I didn’t realize that I was going through much more than other sad people were going through.

My depression reached such a stage that I didn’t want to live anymore.

That’s when I went for therapy.

At last when I went for therapy and got better, I realized how much I had put up with and that I was indeed really strong.

If I had only taken help a little earlier, I wouldn’t have been so broken.

But I never realized that I needed help. I thought I will get through it on my own.

That’s the reason I’ve started this blog, to help those who are in early (and all) stages of depression, to make them realize that they should take care of themselves now itself.

We have a whole reserve of inner strength. We only have to learn how to use it.

We are stronger than our worst struggles, but there is also no harm in asking for help.

If you are depressed, do seek help today itself.

You are special and a precious human being.


Thank you for reading. ❤
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